Click Each Tab to get the Codes:

Enter Code: 12345678

Enter Code: 22222222

Enter Code: 80409018






Droid Admin allows you to load your Android Box or Phone with any APK very fast. Droid Admin can be found for Firesticks on the Amazon Store. You can also get Droid Admin by clicking the button below.
What are the codes below? It let’s you install Kodi with a build with one click, the Wizard comes preinstalled after installing the Fork simply go to Add-ons or Programs and look for the Wizard and install your Favorite Build, super simple no URL’s and codes. All done with DroidAdmin.

1. Enter your code (codes and pins available below)
2. Press the download Arrow (screenshot 2)
3. Press the play button to install it (screenshot 3)

You are done.