Largest Collection of DroidAdmin Codes:

22222222 – All APK’s 12345678 – Kodi Builds/Newtechevolution Youtuber Code

91195389 – Best Kodi 17.6 Builds

80409018 – Kodi 18 Builds and more

54383119 – Ad Free APK’s and More

78453870 – One of the Largest Lists of APK’s Jo Can. Adfree and others

38525488 – TechDoctor UK Youtuber Code, Latest APK’s AdFree

74238464 – Bobbyv123, lots of streaming apps and more Great code

73414392 – 100 APK’s! Firestick mostly stuff

30869272 – Joe’s Place focused around Firestick APK’s

47603928 – Joe’s Selection of Android Apps, Including Latino Stuff

11039868 – MrAkattak Great store you will find tons of Apps always updated as well.

78933681– SkyMashi Movie & TV Show APKs

60339349 -SkyMashi  Kodi & Mediaplayers

70510862 -SkyMashi  APK & FireTV/Stick Tools

75319570 -SkyMashi  IPTV Section

69302536 – Lisa Crawford DroidAdmin code which mirrors this server Http://

16553983 – Dee’s code It contains the top APKs for movies & TV as well as live IPTV services. 

11111111 – First reviewed by Soloman Youtuber, can’t verify ownership

74747474 – Cb74 Youtuber lots of APK’s IPTV Sports etc.

23119623 – MyStDaMan Youtuber, IPTV, Movies, TV Shows APK’s etc good code

What are the codes below? It let’s you install Kodi with a build with one click, the Wizard comes preinstalled after installing the Fork simply go to Add-ons or Programs and look for the Wizard and install your Favorite Build, super simple no URL’s and codes. All done with DroidAdmin.

1. Enter your code (codes and pins available below)
2. Press the download Arrow (screenshot 2)
3. Press the play button to install it (screenshot 3)

You are done.