Terrarium is buffering, FreeFLIX is glitching up on you. Maybe it’s time to take a look at a good media Player. In this Post we are going to look at my 3 favorites the download links will be at the end of this post. All these media Players will work with Firesticks, Android Boxes, Phones and all devices and have been tested on these deivces. All these Players can also be downloaded using DroidAdmin, please see Droidadmin section of this website and use code: 22222222

The 3 Media Players will look at are:


  • VLC Media Player
  • MXPlayer PRO
  • 8K Ultra HD Player


One thing I like about the VLC player it allows PIP (Picture in Picture while watching the movie I can browser other items on my device). I recommend VLC player for me it works best and is super quick and crisp this is my all time favorite.

Here is a few screenshots of VLC and a download link below:


8K Player

The Next good Player is the 8K Ultra Player, is a stripped down version of VLC player and it works great also with Terrarium TV and other APK’s. The options are the same with the exception of being able to do PIP (Picture in Picture) like the VLC Player.


The next Player is MXPlayer Pro Version, the pro version will have no ads, works really well but some people are reporting issues on a firestick with installation as Amazon tries to block MXPlayer and you will see that MXPlayer is no longer served in the Amazon Store. Try all these Players and see which one works best for you. MXPlayer has the most options which includes HW, SW acceleration, on strong boxes like the Nvidia shield the HW (Hardware accelartion works best) vs SW (Software)