What is vidmix app?

Vidmix app lets you enjoy free movie and tv shows, everyone always talks about Terrarium TV, but new apps like this are great and you can get lots of movies and tv shows. The interface reminds me of showbox and you don’t need any keyboard this app works great with a regular firestick remote.

Is VidMix safe?

It appears Vidmix is safe and does not cause anything malcicious to your firestick at this time. If there is any updates we will always post them on this site.


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Click on Settings on your Firestick

Click on My Fire TV or My device, depending which devie you are on.

Click on Developer options

Click on Apps from Unknow Sources and select Turn On to enable it. Press the home icon on your firestick or fire TV to go back home.

Search for an application called Downloader. Itr is represented with an orange icon.

Click on Download it will download it and installed it after it is finished you can press the Open button

On the Pop-up’s click OK, make sure also to click on Allow as shown below.

In the URL field type in the following to get newest version of Vidmix on firestick device.

VidMix Firestick Download


(10/6/2019 – Update)

Press the Go button. Once you have the correct URL. The Application will start downloading and a VidMix install screen should popup on your firestick

Press the install button. After vidmix on firestick is installed you may press the done or open button. The app should now be in your list of apps on your firestick device.


When you first launch VidMix app on your firestick you will see that it’s set on feature. You can browse over to Movies and TV Shows easily and select your content in our example we are going to move over to movies. We also have the ability to search for movies.

You can see here in the movie categories. I can play a trailer, put it on my watch list, see related movies which is a great feature and hit the play button, once i hit the play button it will show me many links.

You can see many links here, if you want to get more links simply use a VPN , it seems like lots of content is being geoblocked and internet service providers are blocking certain links a VPN will be able to give you more links, check out the offer below. Enjoy Vidmix on your firestick device, it works great and it puts out many great links.

 Protect Yourself While Streaming IMPORTANT NOTE FROM Streamtips - USING ANY APP FOR MOVIES AN TV SHOWS YOU SHOULd consider a VPN

Streamtips does not verify the legality or security of any application or service covered on this website

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